About Us

As the children orphaned by war had been moved to the Villages, we refocused our micro-economic efforts to the “child mothers” in Gulu in regards to bead making and skill training. The Lord’s Resistance Army abducted the child mothers at a very young age, leading them to be tortured, abused, raped and eventually pregnant. When they were able to escape from the LRA Rebels they came home with their “Rebel babies” (names the community gave them) to then be rejected by their families and community. Left to survive on their own, they had little hope.

Village of Hope provides trauma counseling, business & skill training. Teaching these young women to sew, make paper beaded jewelry and basket weaving, so they now earn an income that will provide for themselves and their children. It has been a long hard road for them, but their hope has been renewed and their lives transformed through the work of God. Their HOPE has been restored!

The Tabitha Women's Project was named for the Tabitha of Acts chapter 4.  She died, and was brought back to life.  Like this loss of physical life, our women had no hope of survival and no hope for a future.  Yet, like Tabitha of Acts, God has restored them to life and given hope and a future.  

100% of the profits from sales support the orphans and child mothers in our program.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” – Ecclesiastes 3:11

Recycled paper is cut into long triangular strips.

Recycled paper is cut into long triangular strips. Women roll the strips of paper around a needle.  They glue the end, then dip it three times in a varnish.  They strand the beads into necklaces and bracelets.

For more information about the children of the Village of Hope, and how you can help through child sponsorship or our giving catalog, please visit www.VillageofHopeUganda.com.